Cincinnati's local post grunge style band

Who are we?

Est. 2023

The conjoined efforts of three idiots who put their all into their music, including a highly talented young guitarist (Charles Sponseller), a bassist who went from making pizzas to making art (Mitch Brunz), and a kickass drummer with luscious locks (brett hendricks)


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Email: [email protected]
Primary: (219) 728 8745-Kennedy
Secondary: (513) 426-0899-Spencer

upcoming shows

-April 18th at Legends (3801 Harrison Ave) $12 door--April 20th at Crosskeys Tavern (19 E Main st) @7:00pm--April 21st at The Comet (4579 Hamilton Ave) @9:30pm, $8 door--May 4th at The Jungle Clifton (2853 Marshall Ave) @8:00pm-

In loving memory of Jays